Men and Women

At Valdesousa our stylists are constantly developing exclusive cutting skills, both with scissors and razors, to provide you with an eye-opening experience. As Coco Chanel said: A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

And if you have chosen us to accompany and advise you in this decision, we want to live up to your trust by providing you with the best advice and the right service. 

Together we will identify your style!


If you are undecided whether or not to change your look, we have qualified staff who will provide you with the necessary knowledge and information on the latest trends, to give you the inspiration you need. 

Whether you are a blonde, brunette, brunette or redhead, don't worry, they will explain to you what your perfect colour will be. And to achieve safe, innovative and respectful success for your hair, we have brands like Every Green that guarantee the results of our colourists.

Balayage – Babylights – Contouring - Highlights


Brushing - Braids - Ringlets 

In our salon we offer you different looks as these are some ways of escapism from the current reality, why not wear a different hairstyle every week? or every day? 

Our stylists will study your cut, your colour and the shape of your face not only offering hairstyling services. They will advise you and share the right knowledge so that you can do it yourself.

Don't hesitate, we'll be waiting for you in our salon, which is also your home!

Hair treatments

The health of the mane is paramount for that reason it is important to provide special care, there is nothing compared to leave in the hands of experts to diagnose the proper treatment that your hair needs.

We are not only talking about moisturising and repairing, but also about intensive care and a specialised and personalised diagnosis.

Our highly qualified team will identify if what your hair is crying out for is a hair Botox, a Hair Lift or an Intensive Treatment.

Botox Sagapro – Olaplex – Intensive Revitalizing Dikson Luxury Caviar 


Special brides - Bridesmaids - Casual

As our slogan is The style here is your imagination, our job as professionals is to help you find your essence. In Valdesousa we not only advise you to highlight your beauty, we teach you the best tricks and products suitable for your face, face and skin type.

Make-up is your personal art projected in a different way.

Dare to take the step to find yourself because we will be happy to accompany you in this experience!

Special Brides

Wearing white is a decision you don't make every day, it's the most important day a woman wants to make.

 That's why as partners in this journey we are at your full disposal to give you the best beauty tips and to make your dream come true, but above all, to make that day magical.

Don't forget that your beauty is our experience!

Make-up - Hairstyles - Eyelashes - Hands & Feet Beauty 


Sculptured nails - Permanent nail polish   

Well-groomed hands are always a good presentation card for your image, and we are not only referring to good nail hygiene. This presentation card involves much more care, such as moisturising the skin, ensuring that the length of all nails is similar, but above all the health of the nails. Because of this, our manicurists, based on their skills, diagnose the state of your nails, skin and hands, to recommend which services can be carried out on your hands, a sculptured nails or better a permanent nail polish?

Which brand suits your nail needs? Don't forget that we are here to help you.

We will be happy to take care of you!

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